2019-10 old-new Same, but different

2019-10 new

2019-11 new plates

2019-12 timing belt: parts and tools

2019-12 timing belt: old belt removal

2019-12 timing belt: in-progress

2019-12 timing belt: new belt installed

2019-12 timing belt: done, checking/bleeding coolant

2019-12 tie-rod

2019-12 - heavy maintenance

2020-02 lower engine mount (cracked)

2020-05 111'111km

2020-07 OBD debug : slight intake leak at operating temp

2020-07 PCV seal: new vs leaky old

2020-07 new intake manifold seals

2020-08 compressed spring

2020-08 front shocks new vs damaged (bent and seized at the bottom)

2020-08 silent intake hose

2020-08 Alps roadtrip

2020-09 rear suspension reinforcement, new vs rusty old

2020-10 bearings: glittery grease, scratched external race, crater on the inner race
Off-brand bearings, lasted <20'000km

2020-10 tires, old vs new, the red area shows a flat spot
Maxxis AP/WP, not recommended, poor performance, wears insanely fast
Goodyear Vector 3 "wintery" all-season

2020-12 new rear shocks. Drives like a brand new car

2020-12 Jura: Cutting through the snowy contryside instead of taking the highway

2020-12 failed to change a leaky gearbox seal:
Left driveshaft seized to the hub, broken extractor, sucessful attempt in 2021-06

2021-06 1'200km with the spare wheel:
A full size spare made in 2001 was more trustworthy than a 3 years old Maxxis AP/WP (green area shows a flat spot, again...)

2021-06 new summer front tires (Hankook K125): great handling, good fuel economy, quiet driving
Using brake disc to unset the tire beads against the rim (redneck's hydraulic press)

2021-07 replacing serpentine belt rollers
Originals (factory date code) had play and were noisy. They are supposed to be changed every 5-6 years

2021-09 20 years birthday

2021-11 polished and painted front rims

2021-12 snowy Allgäu

2021-12 stolen catalytic converter

2022-07 right driveshaft damaged

2022-07 new clutch

2022-09 DIY engine mount

2022-12 Jura

2023-02 visiting the competition

2023-05 Maximum speed attempt